If Made in Italy has become an authentic global brand, it is due to two factors: superior product quality and unique elegant design. Even in the simpler lines, Italian style is always distinctive, combining craftsmanship and creativity to create attractive but at the same time practical designs.

Evidence of those values, such as attention to detail, the long tradition of stylish design and meticulous attention to customer requirements are found in all our kitchen appliances, vouching for their authenticity and excellence. Our ambition is to be the mainstay of your kitchen: a unique space that merits desirability, practicality and quality at the highest level.


Appealing to discerning consumers, seeking a combination of Italian design and performance.
A style that effortlessly compliments all todays kitchen trends.


Made in Italy since 1950. The Elba factory produces quality cooking appliances for over 60  global markets. Always striving for manufacturing excellence, combining Italian passion & ingenuity.