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The cooktop will not light2020-05-27T08:24:24+10:00
  • Check that the cooktop is plugged in and there is power to the wall socket.
  • Check that the gas supply valve is turned on and the supply to the house is working.
  • You should be able to hear the gas when a burner is turned on.
  • Check that the gas igniters are clean (use a toothbrush and methylated spirits to remove any build-up.)
  • Check that the cooktop has been assembled correctly and the burner cap is sitting flat.
The burner flames are yellow/slow to start.2020-05-27T08:25:20+10:00
  • Check that the cooktop has been assembled correctly and the burner cap is sitting flat.
  • Your gas bottle may be running low. Refill if necessary.
  • The gas pressure may not be at the correct level.
  • Check that the correct jets have been fitted.
The graphics appear to have worn off the glass.2020-05-27T08:26:03+10:00

Baked-on food may have obscured the graphics. Use a razor scraper to remove the spills.

The elements turn themselves on and off. Why is this?2020-05-27T08:26:41+10:00

This is normal. The elements are cycling to prevent the glass from overheating or the controller is cycling to maintain the selected setting.

There is a metallic sheen on the glass.2020-05-27T08:27:18+10:00

This is often caused by copper- or aluminium-bottomed pots. Ceramic cleaner should remove the marks. Your cooktop should be cleaned regularly, as spills that are allowed to burn into the surface may react with the ceramic glass and not be removable.

The elements do not work at all. Why is this?2020-05-27T08:27:59+10:00

If your model has a Control Lock function, check that it is switched off.

Check the mains power or the isolation switch – this is usually located in the kitchen.

The H symbol is showing once cooking has finished.2020-05-27T08:28:37+10:00

When the temperature of a cooking zone is still hot, the relevant H remaining heat indicator lights up on the display to alert you of the hot surface.

The Pan/Pot is noisy when using on induction.2020-05-27T08:29:20+10:00

Some types of pans could cause noise when used on an induction cooking zone. The noise does not mean any failure of the appliance and does not influence the cooking operation.

What is the LPG Gas pressure?2020-05-27T08:29:56+10:00

For Universal LPG models the gas supply is connected to the test point adaptor which is supplied with the appliance and ensure that the supply pressure is regulated to 2.75 kPa.

What is the natural gas pressure?2020-05-27T08:30:39+10:00

For Natural Gas models the gas supply is connected to the pressure regulator which is supplied with the appliance. Adjust the regulator to obtain a test point pressure of 1 kPa with the two semi-rapid (SR). burners operating at the maximum.

The burner goes out when the knob is released.2020-05-27T08:31:14+10:00

The Flame Failure safety feature (where fitted) may have been activated. Hold down the knob for five seconds when lighting a burner to ensure it is properly engaged. If this does not help please contact an Authorised Delonghi Service Agent.

One of the burners has an uneven flame.2020-05-27T08:31:55+10:00
Check that the cooktop has been assembled correctly and the burner cap is sitting flat.


The oven won’t turn on.2020-05-27T08:36:01+10:00

Check the mains power or isolation switch.

The oven door won’t open.2020-05-27T08:36:43+10:00

If it’s a pyrolytic oven it may be in Self Clean mode. If so, the door will unlock when the oven has cooled to a safe temperature.

The oven light doesn’t work.2020-05-27T08:37:35+10:00

Check the bulb. Replace if faulty.

The door glass is broken.2020-05-27T08:38:28+10:00

There can be a delay after an impact or knock before the glass shatters. Please contact the Delonghi Call Centre.

Bottom of food not cooking on Convection setting.2020-05-27T08:39:20+10:00

Please check that there is no foil or tray placed on the base of the oven. This reflects heat back into the base of the oven and will eventually damage the enamel as well as prolong cooking times.

Manual timer oven wont turn on.2020-05-27T08:40:03+10:00
The timer must be set to either a time period or into the manual position.

Oven with electronic timer wont work.2020-05-27T08:40:47+10:00

You have set the clock of the electronic programmer (the oven will not work until this has been done).

How do I clean the grease filter?2020-05-27T08:41:24+10:00

The grease filter can be removed for cleaning. This should be washed in hot soapy water.

The fan does not stop when the oven is turned off. Why is this?2020-05-27T08:42:04+10:00

On some wall ovens the cooling fan can run for up to 2 hours after the oven is turned off. If you think this is a fault please contact the Delonghi Call Centre.

How do I clean catalytic panels?2020-05-27T08:43:06+10:00

The catalytic panels are covered with special microporous enamel which absorbs and does away with oil and fat splashes during normal baking over 200°C.

If, after cooking very fatty foods, the panels remain dirty, operate the oven “idling” on max temperature for about 30 minutes. These panels do not require to be cleaned, however it is advised to periodically remove them (at least the side panels) and to wash them with tepid soapy water and then wipe off with a soft cloth.

Can the Catalytic side panels be reversed?2020-05-27T08:43:44+10:00

The side panels are reversible and when the catalytic microporous enamel degrades, they can be turned to the other side.

How do I clean the inside of the oven?2020-05-27T08:44:22+10:00

The oven should always be cleaned after use when it has cooled down. The cavity should be cleaned using a mild detergent solution and warm water. Suitable proprietary chemical cleaners may be used after consulting with the manufactures recommendations and testing a small sample of the oven cavity. Abrasive cleaning agents or scouring pads/cloths should not be used on the cavity surface.

Oven display is showing an ‘Alert’ code what does it mean?2020-05-27T08:45:42+10:00

Oven displaying

Alert Code Reason Remedy

A1 Oven over heated Allow the oven to cool down

A2 Door lock error Reset the power and ensure the oven door is locked

A3 Door Lock error Door cannot locked after you have started the cleaning cycle

F+Number Fault code Refer to your nearest Approved Service Centre

Oven control knobs getting hot2020-05-27T08:46:29+10:00

The oven control knobs are getting very hot. All our style ovens use closed door turbo grilling. Please make sure the oven door is closed

Taking too long or not reaching temperature2020-05-27T08:47:39+10:00

Oven tray or foil may be on the base of the oven. Please remove. No foil or baking tray must ever be placed on the oven base. Which can also damage the Durastone enamel finish.

Oven door glass2020-05-27T08:48:35+10:00

Oven door glass

Models: All free standing cookers and wall ovens

Should your oven door glass shatter for no apparent reason. Please call our Consumer Experience Centre as you may be to claim under the terms of the Suppliers Statutory Guarantee


Does the range hood need to be ducted to the outside.2020-05-27T08:32:40+10:00

No, but when installed for recirculating Active Carbon Filters need to be fitted.

What type of Halogen Lamps need to be fitted?2020-05-27T08:33:28+10:00

If the Halogen Lamps have to be replaced, they must be replaced by lamps with ALUMINIUM reflectors, never dichroic lamps, to avoid unnecessary overheating in the lamp holders.

How often does the Grease Filters need cleaning?2020-05-27T08:34:08+10:00

Depending on use the filters should be cleaned once a month.

How should the Grease Filter be cleaned?2020-05-27T08:34:51+10:00

The filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher or in hot soapy water. They should be dry before refitting.


Dishwasher doesn’t start. Why is this?2020-05-27T08:50:30+10:00
  • Check that the dishwasher is plugged in and the power connected
  • Check the circuit breaker has not tripped or the fuse blown
  • Check that the door is closed properly.
E1 Error code ( water pressure low )2020-05-27T08:51:10+10:00

Check that the water supply is connected and the water is turned on.

Water seems to be not pumped from the dishwasher.2020-05-27T08:51:45+10:00

Kink in drain hose, check drain hose.

Filter blocked, check coarse filter and clean.

Suds in the tube2020-05-27T08:52:31+10:00

Improper detergent, use only the special dishwasher detergent to avoid suds. If this occurs, open the dishwasher and let suds evaporate. Add 3.75 litres of cold water to the tube. Close the door and select any cycle. Dishwasher will drain out the water at the first step. Open the door after draining has stopped and check suds have disappeared. Repeat if necessary.

Spilled rinse-aid, always wipe up rinse-aid spills immediately.

Stained tub interior2020-05-27T08:53:05+10:00

Detergent with colourant was use. Foods such as tomato -based products may stain the inside of the tube.

White film on inside surface2020-05-27T08:53:40+10:00

Hard water minerals. To clean the interior, use a damp sponge with dishwasher detergent and wear gloves. Avoid using other cleaners to avoid the risk of foaming or suds.

Rust stains on cutlery2020-05-27T08:54:21+10:00

Cutlery not corrosion resistant.

A program was not run after dishwasher salt was added. Always run the quick wash without crockery after adding dishwasher salt.

Knocking noise in the wash cabinet2020-05-27T08:54:56+10:00

A spray arm is knocking against an item in a basket. Interrupt the program and rearrange the items which are obstructing the spray arm.

Rattling noise in the wash cabinet2020-05-27T08:55:30+10:00

Items of crockery are loose in the wash cabinet. Interrupt the program and rearrange the items of crockery.

Knocking noise in the water pipes2020-05-27T08:56:06+10:00

Most likely an installation issue. Contact a qualified plumber.

Dishes are not clean at the end of the cycle.2020-05-27T08:57:00+10:00
  • Check that the wash programme is suitable for the load.
  • Scrape off excess food from dinnerware before loading.
  • Check that the spray arm is able to rotate freely.
  • Check that the detergent is in the correct compartment.
  • Check that you are using the right amount of detergent.
  • Check that the detergent is recommended for domestic dishwashers.
  • Check that the spray arms are clean.
  • Check the filters are clean. Refer to user manual.
Dishes are not dry at the end of the cycle.2020-05-27T08:57:44+10:00
  • Check that the Rinse Aid dispenser is filled.
  • Try increasing the Rinse Aid setting.
  • Wrong wash programme is been used. Try a standard wash.
The detergent wasn’t dispensed during wash cycle.2020-05-27T08:58:25+10:00

Please dry the dispenser before loading to prevent caking.

Water marks left at the end of the cycle.2020-05-27T09:10:25+10:00
  • Check that the dishwasher is not overloaded.
  • Try increasing the Rinse Aid setting.
  • Check that the Rinse Aid dispenser is filled.
Can I extend the drain hose?2020-05-27T09:11:07+10:00

If you need a drain hose extension, make sure to use a similar drain hose.

It must be no longer than 4 metres; otherwise the cleaning effect of the dishwasher could be reduced.

What is the recommended water pressure?2020-05-27T09:11:50+10:00

Water pressure must be between 0.04 MPa and 1 MPa.

Can the dishwasher be connected to the hot water?2020-05-27T09:12:28+10:00

The dishwasher is designed to be connected to the cold water connection only.

Can I extend the inlet pipe?2020-05-27T09:13:14+10:00

If the dishwasher is fitted with an AquaStop* then no this is not possible.

* To avoid the risks of leaking and water damage, all De’Longhi dishwashers are fitted with either an Electronic Solenoid AquaStop or a Mechanical AquaStop Hose.

DEDW model Dishwasher Error codes2020-05-27T09:14:09+10:00

Dishwasher Error Codes:

Error Code Problem Action
E1 Water Flow Check the setting of the cold water tap. If problem persists you will need to arrange a service call
E4 Over flow – Float switch activated You will need to arrange a service call
E6 Open circuit heating sensor You will need to arrange a service call
E8 Diverter Valve – open circuit or broken You will need to arrange a service call
Err C BLDC motor failed You will need to arrange a service call


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